3 Reasons To Have A Green Funeral

18 May 2022
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Not all people want a traditional funeral. Some people want to take a greener path at the end of their lives. If you're thinking about your own future arrangements and don't feel that a traditional burial or cremation is right for you, then a green alternative has some benefits. 

1. Get A More Natural Disposition

Some people want their disposition to be as natural as possible. They want their bodies to return to the earth quickly and completely. They don't like the idea of being cremated, and they don't want to be buried in a casket in a lined grave that will become home to their skeleton. They want their body to actively nourish the earth and to return to it after their death.

If this appeals to you, then a green funeral is a good option. Here, you might be buried in a shroud or biodegradable casket that will soon break down in the earth. Over time, your body will nourish and replenish your burial spot. You'll become one with nature.

2. Leave No Mark On The Environment

If you're spent your life taking care of the environment, then a green funeral helps you continue this principle in death. For example, you might not be comfortable with embalming chemicals, the emissions from a cremation, or even the metal screws and parts on a casket that remain in the ground after a burial.

A green funeral is more environmentally friendly. For example, you can bypass the traditional embalming process by using more natural products. Or, you can organize a funeral shortly after you die so that you don't have to be embalmed at all.

You won't use anything in your funeral process that might harm the environment. You won't leave any harmful materials or substances behind.

3. Reduce Your Funeral Arrangement Costs

Traditional funerals can be expensive. The cost of embalming and of buying a suitable casket can be high.

While green funerals incorporate many of the same costs as traditional services, you will still typically save some money if you take this route. For example, shrouds and natural caskets are less expensive because you won't have the same body preparation costs. You could leave more of your money to your loved ones.

For more advice on green funerals and how they work, contact your funeral director and ask about their green funeral arrangement services.

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